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Honey Cake -Mevovyk

Honey Cake -Mevovyk Honey Cake Layers3 large eggs6 oz honey1 stick butter1/2 cup granulated sugar1.5 tsp baking soda1.5 tsp lemon juice15 oz white flour (have some extra near you for dusting surface)Cream18 oz sour cream7 oz heavy whipping cream1 cup granulated sugar1 tsp vanilla extractDecoration2 oz roasted walnuts LeyersTo a medium saucepan add honey, butter, sugar, and melt them together over medium heat, whisking until all ingredients are melted.Remove the pan from ... Continue Reading

My Grandma’s Roasted Duck

If you'd ask me what's my favorite dish. I would answer in a heartbeat - My grandma's roasted duck, of course! I know that duck is not a typical food here in the US. People rarely cook it at home, and only occasionally order it in their favorite restaurant. For me, it's an entirely different story. I grew up in Ukraine, and roasted duсk was one of the centerpieces of our holiday table. We had it for Christmas, birthdays, and family gatherings. My grandma was always in charge of it, and she ... Continue Reading