10 Instagram Accounts You Want to Follow

It’s not a secret that Instagram became one of the most (if not the most) powerful platforms for foodies. It allows us to follow our favorite chefs, food photographers, etc., who give us a new portion of creativity every day. Admit it, you also post pictures of your Friday dinner or homemade cookies from time to time. Yeah, me too! It’s because we are crazy about food and need to share our passion with the world. So if you want to still your hunger for the good stuff, these Instagram accounts are exactly what you’re looking for. Food porn at its best, they will show you what to eat, when, and where. Be prepared for an insane dose of inspiration!

  1. @jamieoliver


No introduction needed, as well as no need to tell that I adore Jamie, and think he is awesome! He taught me how to cook, and remains my biggest source of inspiration. His Instagram is must follow for every home cook!

2. @fatandfuriousburger


The name speaks for itself. This account is about absolutely crazy burgers. Thomas and Quentin, the creative French design duo behind Fat and Furious Burger, will surprise you and most definitely will make you laugh. The good portion of weirdness guaranteed!

3. @pana_chocolate


A real proof that desserts can be healthy, and delicious at the same time. They have the whole package: raw, organic, handmade, plus dairy, refined sugar, soy & gluten free sweets. And the best part is that you can order these goodies online from their shop!

4. @chefjasonhoward


Jason’s dishes are simply out of this world. This guy takes the food to a whole new level; he treats it as a piece of art, and the final result is stunning.

5. @hol_fox


This graphic designer from LA has filled her Instagram with sugar cookies of all the shapes and colors. She is very talented and clearly color obsessed, which makes her account so irresistible for people like me.

6. @eatdrinksf


All the best food of Bay Area is here. If you want to eat delicious food in San Francisco or somewhere around, now you know who you need to follow.

7. @foodfixup


What could be better than delicious, healthy food + a good dose of exercise? Not much! Stefani invites you to join the healthy side of life, and her Instagram makes you want to eat better and run to the gum right away.

8. @theartofplating

It’s always good to know that there are people in this world who could create such marvelous dishes. The Art of Plating has a dangerous concentration of deliciousness.

9. @sweetpaulmagazine


First of all Sweet Paul is an excellent magazine. Secondly, it’s a great source of inspiration. Their Instagram has not only food photos but also lots of funny pictures and motivational quotes.

10. @eat.wear.travel


If you want to learn what happens when food meets fashion, Eat Wear Travel is perfect for you. And if I had only one word to describe this Instagram account that would be «elegant» by all means.


11. @divinecuisone_recipes


I didn’t have the guts to include my Instagram profile in top-10, that’s why I made it 11th as a bonus =) You knew this had to be coming, and if you didn’t — you don’t know me at all and it’s the right time to check out my Instagram account.

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    Sandra Clayton Rose March 23, 2016 (4:31 pm)

    I really like your blog… There are several recipes on here that I really want to make. But I don’t see the Basic Crepe Recipe…. Can you point it out or email it to me. Also, they had a large Crepe Cake on Scandal last Thursday Night…. I really would love to make one … But I need to know how how to make a Basic Crepe first… Thanks so much…. Sandra

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    Sandra Clayton Rose April 3, 2016 (9:43 pm)

    Got it… Thanks