Pan Cooked Shrimp with Piquant Romesco Sauce

These super cool Pan Cooked Shrimp with Romesco Sauce recipe is not my idea. Therefore, I need to give all the credit to my good friend and partner in crime Masha. She's an amazing cook and always come up with the most wonderful cooking solutions. She was telling me about her favorite Romesco sauce and that we should create the recipe and post it on our website for several weeks. But since we've just launched Viva La Food there were so many things on our plate I simply could not find a time to ... Continue Reading

Blood orange Jam and Grapefruit Goat Cheese Crostini

Every time I want to throw a party, I'm struggling with finding the right appetizer to serve. Seriously, it's a very important decision to make. Because appetizer is the first thing that your guest will taste (if not to count wine), and you need a proper starter to set the tone of your party and to put the guests in the right mood. On my parties, I prefer to serve simple yet elegant food, which goes well with the wine I picked. Yeah, in our house there are mostly wine parties. You know my ... Continue Reading

Lemon Burrata and Poached Plums Crostini

With summer being so perfectly warm and sunny, we tend to use our spacious balcony to make dinners for our friends and neighbors pretty often. And this kind of meals requires new creative recipes from me. Yeah, there are a lot of foodies in our circle. And I try to please all of them =)  That's why for every dinner I create a whole new menu with at least 2 appetizers, salad, a couple of sides and a few dessert That's why for every dinner I create a whole new menu with at least 2 appetizers, a ... Continue Reading

Absolutely Delicious Zucchini Fritters

There are so many dishes you can cook with zucchini, and today I want to share one of my favorite recipes. Zucchini fritters are one of the most popular dishes during zucchini season in Ukraine. My mom always cooked it for us, and now I cook it for my family and friends. It's absolutely delicious, simple, and healthy. What else could you wish for your summer table? These fritters are good for breakfast when served with plain yogurt. You can make them smaller and serve as an appetizer, or ... Continue Reading

Beef and Olive Empanadas

Recently I had a photo shoot at The Brickhouse Cafe at San Francisco. Of course, all the dishes looked delicious, but their empanadas won my heart, and inspired me to cook my own version of this cool Latin American appetizer. So, I'm happy to present you my spin on the empanada. You can make your dough or use a store bought one. Personally, I prefer a homemade, because it's much more elastic, and, of course, more delicious. This empanada dough recipe I found in Pies and Tarts cookbook ... Continue Reading

Festive Baked Brie with Cranberry Sauce

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We surely had! Maybe it's hard to believe, but that was our first real Thanksgiving during the time in the US. Our friends invited Alex and me to celebrate this very special day with their family and friends. I don't think I have enough words to describe how grateful we are for sharing this experience with so wonderful and loving people. It's incredibly important to feel like we have a second family in foreign country. Thank you Shana, Ivan ... Continue Reading

Healthy Roasted Butternut Squash Hummus

This Butternut Squash Hummus is fantastic! Even my picky husband says it's incredibly good. And believe me, for such devoted meat eater and veggie hater that's a serious statement. He ate the whole bowl of this hummus in a minute, which made me incredibly happy. Finally I could feed him something healthy he actually likes very much =) Hope you'll enjoy it too! Serve this hummus with your favorite whole wheat crackers or pita chips and enjoy a healthy snack. Continue Reading

Super Smooth Hummus Tips and Tricks

Today is all about making the most delicious, smooth and creamy hummus you can imagine. Why hummus? Because it is healthy, tasty, and nutritious dish that almost everybody likes. Plus, making hummus isn’t hard at all. You might be a little intimidated at first, but, believe me, you can nail it. Just try! I'll share with you my little tips and tricks to make your hummus absolutely amazing. No canned beans, and no shortcuts, so be prepared! The key to a perfectly smooth hummus is ... Continue Reading

Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Avocado Dip

Everybody knows that moving to a new place is always stressful. But for me it was not just a stressful event, it was almost a tragedy (fortunately only for the first two days). Our landlords, nice and sweet people, by the way, decided to sell the condo we were renting, and we had two months to find a new home for us. I freaked out and decided to find a new place before the Thanksgiving and all the holiday season madness. The thing is I loved my old apartment so much that I thought we would ... Continue Reading