Halloween Mini Butternut Squash Compote Pavlovas

Halloween is one of my favorite American holidays. Witches, demons, and ghosts are my theme =) Plus you can dress up as silly as you want to. I always wait for this day with a childlike excitement. But this year is even more special! Why is that? Because I collaborated with amazing girls from LatteJournal to bring you not only cooking inspiration, but also a whole bunch of ideas for a sophisticated Halloween Dinner decoration. Awesome, isn't it?! Wait for my next post and see our cool ... Continue Reading

Honey Fig and Almond Tart

September for me is definitely a fig season. I buy them a lot from local Trader Joe's. Usually we eat them all before I can think of a good recipe, but this time, I decided to act fast and cook a nice fig dessert. This NY Times article is where I got my inspiration. I changed the recipe and transformed it into a Honey Fig and Almond Tart. I also wanted to practice in taking moody food pictures, so this is my first experiment with colors and light. Looks pretty nice for a rookie! You ... Continue Reading

4 Ingredients Apricot Sorbet

Apricot season is almost over. But we can make it last a little longer by making this amazing frozen treat. I adore quick and easy desserts, and this Apricot Sorbet is my perfect choice for summer dinner. It's incredibly simple and consists of only 4 ingredients. That's why you need to pick the best available fruits because all the flavor comes from them. Go to your local farmer's market and choose the ripest, freshest and most fragrant apricots you can find. It will make a huge difference!... Continue Reading

Odile’s Fresh Orange Cake

I rarely post someone else's recipe, but this cake is pure magic. I found the recipe in the wonderful cookbook "Baking Chez Moi" which I saw on my friend shelf. I grabbed my attention instantly. Written by Dorie Greenspan, a talented author, and an awesome baker, this book is full of passion for baking. It inspires and makes you want to bake every cookie and cake you see there. TIP: Try different type of oranges. Mix and match to find your favorite combination. As for this Orange cake, I ... Continue Reading

Pina Colada Tarts

Easy peasy pineapple tarts have very tropical flavor, a perfect dish to set you in the right mood before your summer vacation. Continue Reading

Flourless Raspberry Cake with Homemade Cheese

This Flourless Raspberry Cake with Homemade Cheese is a tribute to my mother, who is my favorite cook in the whole world! I don't usually cook a lot of Ukrainian dishes, probably because they are too familiar to me, and because I'm in a constant search of something completely new and challenging. However, this cake is as Ukrainian as it can get, because it requires one particular ingredient - tvorog. Tvorog is a type of fresh farmers cheese, common in Eastern Europe; it's extremely ... Continue Reading

Holiday Gingersnap Cookies

Gingersnaps are very traditional Christmas cookies here in the US, very unusual for Ukraine though. Unfortunately, I didn't grow up eating these cookies, but I've tried them recently for the first time and immediately felt in love with these ginger goodies. No wonder I baked them the next day, using my Christmas cookie blog post as an excuse. In fact, I just wanted to eat delicious cookies with a cup of my favorite mulled wine. I admit it's pretty selfish, but what can I do? =) On the bright ... Continue Reading

One and Only Shortbread Cookie Recipe You’ll Ever Need

It's only 21 days before Christmas, and that means the cookie season is officially started. Every year I post a few cookie recipe so that you could treat your loved ones. I've decided that this year we'll begin with the classic shortbread cookies. Cookies are made of butter and love. - Norwegian Proverb Classic shortbread cookies are famous for their buttery taste and velvety texture, they practically melt in your mouth. In my humble opinion, every home cook should master this cookies ... Continue Reading

Decadent Brownie Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches

If somebody asked me what is the most Christmasy taste of all, my answer would be peppermint. I think you're not surprised. When the winter holiday season comes peppermint flavor, just take over our desserts. We drink peppermint mocha, eat candy canes, and all kinds of mint desserts. That's why, this year I've decided to go with a trend and present to you my variation of Brownie Mint Ice Cream Sandwich flavored with cool Brancamenta liquor. Wait for it, there are also pistachios inside and ... Continue Reading

Perfect Lemon Curd Recipe

Looking for nice and simple Lemon Curd recipe? Congrats you’ve just found it. This very classic, sweet and tart delight is all you wanted. Even my mother says it’s amazing, and, believe me, her word worth a lot, because she is an outstanding baker. And after I’ve shown her this recipe it became her favorite! It’s so nice to teach my mother something new once in a while. I even feel a little cocky =) When life gives you lemons, make Lemon Curd! Anna Voloshyna Continue Reading