Raspberry Sparkling Cocktail

Don't know which drink to serve on your Oscar party, or any party? Then this delicious Raspberry Sparkling Cocktail is exactly what you need. It's incredibly festive and perfect for any occasion! Feel free to use any sparkling wine you like, Champagne, Prosecco, or Cava will be great as long as it's Brut and has lots of bubbles :) Just don't forget to chill it before the party! TIP: Make the raspberry sauce in advance and refrigerate until needed. Continue Reading

Ginger Cooler

Adding ginger beer to a cocktail instantly adds a spicy kick and makes it super refreshing. We decided to go a little further and mix it with freshly squeezed orange juice and top with tangy ginger candies. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do. Happy Friday everyone! Don't forget to treat yourself with a nice drink because you deserved it. P.S. One more delicious cocktail to start your weekend on a good note: Flirtini Cocktail. Continue Reading

Sex and the City Flirtini Cocktail

If you love good old Sex and the City as I do, you probably watched the Season 3 finale "Cock a Doodle Do!"(one of my favorite episodes by the way). Remember they had an amazing rooftop party at the end of the episode? That was the time they've introduced us to this incredible Flirting cocktail - Vodka + Champagne + Pineapple juice. Very elegant and simple, just perfect for my taste. Personally I think this cocktail was terribly underestimated. Honestly, I don't know why Carrie and ... Continue Reading

Spiced Hot Cider

There is nothing like hot, spiced, alcohol Apple Cider to break the ice on your holiday party. It makes you feel warm, happy and relaxed. This alcohol apple cider is one of my favorite winter drinks, and I will definitely serve it to my friends. Try it for your next party, I am sure your guests will love this delicious drink! Continue Reading

Drunk Clementine Cocktail

People who know me can tell that I have dozens of hobbies and interests. But today I want to present a new one - Mixology. It all began with my homemade bottle of limoncello, juniper vodka and a full basket of clementines. Not the worst ingredients to start with. I was mixing and tasting all the ingredients and came up with this wonderful cocktail which I call Drunk Clementine. It has everything I like about alcohol drinks: strength, aroma, and incredible flavor. If you do not like the name, I ... Continue Reading

Hot Whiskey Apple Cider

Winter holidays are coming, and we need to make certain preparations! I am not talking about buying presents and decorating Christmas tree; I’m talking about holiday parties. We all love attending holiday parties, hang out with our friend and, of course, meet new ones. I want to present a super nice cocktail for the winter events. This hot cider with some spices, a little bit of whiskey, and whipped cream, will warm you up and create a nice festive mood. Continue Reading