How to Work with Brands and Build a Successful Blogging Business – SF first Picture Perfect Event

We Did It! We could have never imagined such a success but September the 23rd has proven that everything is achievable – all you need is inspiration, creativity, and… a badass team! Our first Picture Perfect event was an amazing beginning for women-only gatherings that boost self-confidence and motivation to build lucrative collaborations with brands. And, most exciting of all, is that this fabulous experience is going to last! How Many Women Does It Take to Throw an Event? 2 to ... Continue Reading

CK Supper Club: Taste of Eastern Europe

For me sharing food is the most sincere form of generosity. Because it’s like giving people a glimpse of your inner world, your background, and personality. You’re opening yourself to them, and they respond the same way. Somehow food has this magical power of uniting people regardless of their differences and backgrounds, making them feel connected. It’s almost an intimate experience. There is something special about gathering people around the table, and it’s truly the place where ... Continue Reading

Alexander’s Patisserie – Dessert Paradise in the Heart of Silicon Valley

If you're a foodie, sweet tooth, or an aesthete who can appreciate real beauty in any shape or form you'll have to visit this charming patisserie. One of the most sophisticated dessert places in Bay Area, Alexander's Patisserie will amaze you with its variety of fancy cakes, macaroons, and pastries. When you step into its hall, you instantly get carried away into a wonderland, where all you want to do is to try each and every desert you see. Chef Dries Delanghe came all the way from Belgium yo ... Continue Reading

Gracias Madre: SF Favorite Vegan Mexican Food

If live in San Francisco and crave for a good vegan food go to Gracias Madre. It's laud and crowded, but what else could you expect from a Mexican restaurant? After eating there, we've decided that being vegan is not bad at all. All dishes were incredibly fresh and delicious, and their coconut bacon just blew our mind. The interior is simple and feels very authentic with its heavy wooden tables and chairs. Therefore, don't expect anything chic and modern this place is about food, not design. ... Continue Reading

Classic French Dining Experience in the Mission Bay

If you're looking for a cute French bistro in San Francisco, Fringale would be perfect for you. "Fringale" means "the urge to eat," and the name perfectly suits the restaurant. Located in a busy part of Mission Bay, just a few blocks from call train station and AT&T Park it offers good quality Basque cuisine for a very reasonable prices. The place is cozy and intimate and can shelter you from a big city craziness. If you're looking for a modern and fusion cuisine, Fringale is probably ... Continue Reading

Myriad Gastro Pub – Cozy Place in a Big City

Myriad Gastropub is one of those places where you instantly feel comfortable and relaxed. I don’t know if it's because of welcoming staff, comfy food or cozy space, but when you walk in there, you know that the evening just got a great start. Located on Mission, it manages to combine vibrant notes of big city life, and at the same time, the coziness of a countryside tavern. After all, it’s always about the right vibe, not the fancy location. The menu there combines the best ... Continue Reading

Top 5 Food Movies You’ve Never Heard Of

There are so many good movies dedicated to food: Julie & Julia, The Hundred-Foot Journey, Ratatouille, just to name a few. They are all wonderful, but most certainly you’ve seen them all, along with dozens other well-known pictures such as Chocolate, and Big Night. That’s why I’ve decided to create my own short list of food movies you’ve probably never heard of. I’ve done some research and have found 5 hidden gems of the movie world, now want to share them with you because I know ... Continue Reading

10 Instagram Accounts You Want to Follow

It’s not a secret that Instagram became one of the most (if not the most) powerful platforms for foodies. It allows us to follow our favorite chefs, food photographers, etc., who give us a new portion of creativity every day. Admit it, you also post pictures of your Friday dinner or homemade cookies from time to time. Yeah, me too! It’s because we are crazy about food and need to share our passion with the world. So if you want to still your hunger for the good stuff, these Instagram ... Continue Reading

Fleming’s Forty-Six Diamonds wine presentation

One week ago I had the honor to be invited to a Fleming’s Forty-Six Diamonds wine presentation. I was one of a few people that could taste the wine before the big launch on October 24. This is probably the best part of being a food blogger, you always have early access to all the best gastronomic treats and news in the area! This time I was invited not only for a degustation of their exclusive wine, but also to taste the new "8 for $9 'til 10 PM" Bar menu, which was presented by Palo Alto ... Continue Reading

Belcampo Meat Co – Meat Lover’s Heaven

One of California’s hottest butchery shops, Belcampo Meat Co is now open at Palo Alto's Town & Country Shopping Village. The shop opened its door not very long ago. If you haven't visited it yet you definitely should do it in the near future because the concept of this place might change the way you look at meat forever. Belcampo is anything but an ordinary butchery shop. Headed by CEO Anya Fernald, Belcampo raises its own free-range, cattle, pigs, ducks, chickens, geese, sheep, goats ... Continue Reading