Creative DIY Easter Eggs Idea: the Little Prince

The Little Prince story is the one that touches hearts and changes minds. It reminds us of the best moments of childhood and puts a smile on our faces. If this Easter you want to create something very special for your nearest and dearest, this DIY project is exactly what you’re looking for. Release your inner artist and have fun making Little Prince Easter Eggs. And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisi... Continue Reading

DIY: Easy and Creative Galaxy Easter Eggs

When Easter is just a few days away, egg magically transforms from a boring everyday product into an essence of a holiday spirit. Everybody starting to search how to turn this ordinary product into a beautiful design piece. We decided to help you with this uneasy task and created a step-by-step master class on how to transform a plain egg into a cosmic art object, greetings to all Star Wars lovers! Galaxy theme is very hot right now. You can see it everywhere in pop culture, ... Continue Reading

8 Homemade Salad Dressings that are Going to Blow You Away

Nothing feels as good as the first warm day at the beginning of spring. Everything is blooming, and it finally feels like it’s time to put rich stew and hearty soup recipes aside and cook light salads packed with healthy greens and veggies. Making a salad is always fun and creative process. The choice of ingredients depends on mood and taste preference, but the routine is the same. First, you’re choosing your base; it could be a crispy butter lettuce, bitter radicchio or pungent ... Continue Reading

Everything you need to know about Cooking Oils

Unfiltered, cold-pressed, extra virgin, dark, light….There are so many types of cooking oils on the shelves of supermarket. They are all extracted from various types of plants, nuts, or seeds and have different color and flavor characteristics. Some of them bring indispensable flavor to the dish; others can destroy the taste because of the wrong usage. That’s why, it’s not the best idea to use the same oil for salad dressing, sautéing, and deep frying. With those in mind, we prepared ... Continue Reading

How to Build a Perfect Cheese Board

Cheese board is one of the easiest, yet very elegant appetizers to treat your guests. It is an amazing combination of characteristics, isn’t it? A party or dinner simply can not go wrong if you are enjoying the taste of different types of cheese combined with nuts, fruit or jams. It is not too difficult to build a good cheese board, but we’ll teach you how to make it absolutely perfect! Below you’ll find some easy and useful tips: 1.  Calculate what you need There is a huge ... Continue Reading

Pizza 101 – Part 1 or How to Make the Perfect Pizza Dough

Have you ever dreamed of learning to make delicious, homemade pizza like a pro? Well, it's not that hard as might think. You probably have all the ingredients, aside from the toppings, in your pantry and refrigerator. The only thing you'll need is a good tutorial, or a few tutorials :). And I promise to guide you trough the whole process of making perfect homemade pizza. I've decided to divide Pizza 101 master class into tree classes: 1)Perfect pizza dough, 2) Marinara sauce and pizza oils ... Continue Reading

Fresh Farfalle Step-by-Step

Usually I don't post step-by-step recipe, but today I've decided to show you guys how to make your own fresh Farfalle pasta and I'm sure that step-by-step pictures will be extremely helpful. I know that making fresh pasta from scratch may sound too painstaking, but I guarantee that it is much easier than you think! It simply takes a little practice and the results will impress you. Artisan pasta is full of character and unlike its store-bought counterpart, it has silky texture, full fresh ... Continue Reading

Breaded Zucchini with Basil Mayonnaise

Great vegetarian appetizer, good for a summer party with your friends! This is also my first step by step recipe. Cut zucchinis into 1/2-inch rounds. In a small bowl mix flour, Parmesan, bread crumbs, chili powder and pinch of salt. In another bowl, lightly beat eggs with 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Dip zucchinis in the flour mixture, followed by the egg, do the same manipulations one more time.  In a big skillet preheat the oil. Place zucchini slices in the hot oil and fry until golden ... Continue Reading