Pan-Roasted Sturgeon with Black Caviar Lentil

The dining experience most of the time is very pleasant. Fine dining is even more enjoyable. But what if getting an elegant restaurant-quality dish could be as easily obtainable as cooking your first sunny-side-up? Yes, we've all been there: first culinary attempts are often a mess. But I assure you, with this Pan-Roasted Sturgeon with Black Caviar Lentil recipe you'll learn how to master a royal-class dish in a blink of an eye and a splash of a fishtail. First, meet the sturgeon, the fish ... Continue Reading

Lamb Mantije with Cilantro Chimichuri

Dumplings make a difference. Almost every culture in the world can boast a handful of tasty recipes wrapped in dough: Chinese wontons, Italian ravioli, Polish pierogi, Russian pelmeni, Nepali, and Tibetan momos, Japanese gyozas … The list is endless! And I'm adding my Lamb Mantije with Cilantro Chimichuri to these lovely dumpling family. It feels like exploring a dumpling-shaped galaxy, hopping from one deliciously filled planet to another. Steam it, fry it, or boil it – dumplings ... Continue Reading

Calamari Fritto Misto with Spicy Aioli

Let's get over the stigma of deep-fried deliciousness with this splendid Calamari Fritto Misto with Spicy Aioli. There is a tasty and healthy life beyond french fries with onion rings! You don't have to be a chef to discover and explore that alternative deep-fried reality. Think of one of the leanest proteins – calamari. Its name sings the song of the sea. Its delicate tenderness is rhapsodized alongside with all the trickiness it takes to cook it properly. And here I am to bring you ... Continue Reading

Chahohbili-Style Roasted Chicken

Have you ever struggled with a dilemma of what to cook to cater for everyone’s taste at the table? A dish that would equally win the hearts of the young and the old, traditionalists and daring innovators, dieters, and foodies? If yes, then you’d love to try Chahohbili-Style Roasted Chicken - an ultimate crowd-pleaser, in my humble opinion!  First of all, roasted chicken is a beloved comforting dish for numerous generations and cultures. Secondly, it’s cooked in the dutch oven – ... Continue Reading

My Grandma’s Roasted Duck

If you'd ask me what's my favorite dish. I would answer in a heartbeat - My grandma's roasted duck, of course! I know that duck is not a typical food here in the US. People rarely cook it at home, and only occasionally order it in their favorite restaurant. For me, it's an entirely different story. I grew up in Ukraine, and roasted duсk was one of the centerpieces of our holiday table. We had it for Christmas, birthdays, and family gatherings. My grandma was always in charge of it, and she ... Continue Reading

Juicy Georgian-style Chicken Tabaka

Pan-fried Chicken Tabaka (Tapaka) was the first Georgian dish I've ever tried. My mom made it for dinner one evening and I still remember its the wonderfully crispy skin and delicate juicy meat. She toppet the chicken with a flavorful mixture of lemon juice, minced garlic, and fresh tarragon, which was something I've never tasted before. This bright and tangy dressing added an instant burst of flavor and transformed a simple chicken into an exciting new meal. It might not be the most authentic ... Continue Reading

Draniki – 3-Ingredients Crispy Potato Pancakes

It's hard to believe, but these wonderfully delicious Crispy Potato Pancakes are made with only three main ingredients - grated potato, onion, and some cornstarch. I think such basic seasonings like salt and pepper could hardly count as a separate ingredient. You will also need a decent amount of vegetable oil for frying, but that's about it. The whole process will take less than 45 minutes, and the result will definitely surprise you. This beautiful Slavic dish is one of the favorite ... Continue Reading

Pan-Fried Zucchini with Yogurt Dressing

I wanted to post this Pan-Fried Zucchini with Yogurt Dressing recipe before the 4th of July because I think this dish goes exceptionally well with grilled meat and fish. The beauty of these zucchinis is that they can be a lovely side dish or a completely independent vegetarian main coarse. It's up for you do decide. Since I don't have access to a grill right now, so I pan-fried these bad boys. But if you're among those lucky people who can enjoy a backyard BBQ, you can grill your zucchinis, ... Continue Reading

Perfect Smashed Potato with Zesty Tarragon Dressing

This recipe called Perfect Smashed Potato for a reason; in my humble opinion, it's one of the best summer side dishes which works great with almost anything cooked on a grill. I'm talking charred veggies, bbq chicken, and beautiful grilled salmon. What makes this dish so perfect, you ask? The answer is simple - this potato is soft and almost creamy inside but has an irresistible crispy golden skin. And the best part is the vibrant tarragon dressing with minced shallot, umami anchovies, and ... Continue Reading

Shkmeruli – Georgian Chicken Cooked in Milk and Garlic

Shkmeruli is a traditional Georgian dish made with fried chicken slowly simmered in a flavorful mixture of milk and garlic until it fully soaks all those beautiful flavors. It's delicate, tender, and hearty. Also, it's one of those dishes that are very easy to master even if you don't have a lot of cooking experience. It's a one-pot meal and requires very few ingredients. You probably already have them in your fridge. The only thing you might need to order is this Georgian spice blend - Khmeli ... Continue Reading