• Galaxy Easter Eggs

DIY: Easy and Creative Galaxy Easter Eggs

When Easter is just a few days away, egg magically transforms from a boring everyday product into an essence of a holiday spirit.

Everybody starting to search how to turn this ordinary product into a beautiful design piece. We decided to help you with this uneasy task and created a step-by-step master class on how to transform a plain egg into a cosmic art object, greetings to all Star Wars lovers!

Galaxy Easter Eggs

Galaxy theme is very hot right now. You can see it everywhere in pop culture, interior and nail design, fashion. So we’ve decided why not eggs as well? Trust us, your eggs will be the coolest on any Easter party!

We have been experimenting a lot and now we have a foolproof guide to share with you. The eggs are bright and festival, the colors are deep and more over, these eggs are still edible!

Let’s find out how to create a Galaxy using one egg and pinch of space magic.

DIY Galaxy Easter Eggs: Materials

You will need:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Food coloring kit (white, black, blue, purple, rose or/and orange colors)
  • Brushes (a brush for each color)
  • White Vinegar
  • Disposable cups
  • Papertowels
  • Plastic wrap
  • Gloves




DIY Galaxy Easter Eggs: Preparing colors1. Get ready to create

Cover the surface with a piece of plastic wrap. Don’t forget to use gloves. Dry the egg and get ready to create!

2. Prepare the colors

Combine one drop of each color with one teaspoon of vinegar and mix well. You’ll need: blue, blue+black, purple, and rose. You can experiment adding orange, yellow and white to this palette. Take a brush for each color.





3. Coloring process

He trick here is to be quick and not to let one color dry before you’ll apply others. One more tip is to start with light colors like rose or orange, then use blue and purple and finish an egg with dark blue (black+blue). Dip the brush into the paint and apply to the egg creating a motive you want. Than take another color and another brush and cover some parts of the egg, repeat for all the colors until the egg in fully covered. As the coloring mixes are liquids they will combine with each other creating great gradients.

Galaxy Easter Eggs: Coloring Process


Galaxy Easter Eggs: Pat drying

4. Have a rest and partially dry the egg

Partially dry the egg letting it stand for at least 7 minutes. Then carefully wrap the egg in a paper towel. You don’t need to make an egg completely dry, just to remove the paint excesses.

5. Dry the egg completely

Let the egg stand for at least 3 hours until it is completely dry.





Galaxy Easter Eggs: Stars making

6. Making ‘stars’

Combine a drop of the white paint with a drop of vinegar. Take a dry plain brush and make the ‘stars’ spraying the paint over the egg. Let the ‘stars’ dry for 30 minutes.

7. Give it a shine

To make your Galaxy shine take a small drop of any cooking oil and carefully rub the egg. Don’t make it oily, just shiny.





Tip #1: It is better to let the egg dry standing. You can use a cap of any plastic bottle or make a stand with aluminum foil. Fold a piece of the foil several times, then make it round and seal folding the edges.

Galaxy Easter Eggs dying trick: Foil Stand

Tip #2: Use caps of plastic bottles instead of disposable cups to mix the colors and vinegar.

Tip #3: Using white or brown eggs will cause the result. White one will give you brighter colors while brown will make colors deeper and darker.

DIY Galaxy Easter Eggs master class

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