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Fleming’s Forty-Six Diamonds wine presentation

One week ago I had the honor to be invited to a Fleming’s Forty-Six Diamonds wine presentation. I was one of a few people that could taste the wine before the big launch on October 24. This is probably the best part of being a food blogger, you always have early access to all the best gastronomic treats and news in the area!
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This time I was invited not only for a degustation of their exclusive wine, but also to taste the new “8 for $9 ’til 10 PM” Bar menu, which was presented by Palo Alto Fleming’s Chef Jay Cruz. I tried everything from Lobster Lettuce Wraps to Deconstructed Balvenie S’mores, the only thing I did not taste is their famous Prime Burger. But I believe my husband and I will visit Fleming’s again, very soon and this burger is on top of our “want to try” list.
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I need to say that I really like the concept of a late happy hour, when you can come to the bar and have not only a drink, but also a bite of high quality, delicious food. My absolute favorite is the Short Rib Empanadas which were served incredibly hot and fresh, with a pair of flavorful and spicy sauces. I literally could not get enough of that dish. I highly recommend that you try it on your next visit to Fleming’s, I think you will like it. Anyway, enough about the food, it is time to tell you about the wine!

Beginning with the 2004 vintage, Fleming’s National Wine Director Maeve Pesquera has annually collaborated with the world’s leading wineries and winemakers to create the limited-edition, private label Forty-Six Diamonds. The key idea is to make one of a kind, steak friendly, harmonious wines that reveal their distinctive origins. And believe me they have succeeded in that! Past winemakers have included Michael and Rob Mondavi, Jr. from the famous Napa family, Ken Deis of Flora Springs, Georges and Franck Duboeuf of Beaujolais, Axel and Walter Schug along with Michael Cox of Schug Winery and many other great winemakers.

To create the exclusive Forty-Six Diamonds blend, Fleming’s collaborated with one of my favorite wine producers in California – Ladera winery. In my opinion this partnership is really successful. This wine comes from an exceptional hillside vineyard on Howell Mountain and has soaked all the best elements from the fertile soil and warm California sun. All that has given this wine its deep red color, powerful rich taste and hint of ripe dark fruits. It makes a perfect pairing with any of Fleming’s signature Prime steaks because this wine was created to compliment the meat and reveal its full flavor.
You cannot buy Forty-Six Diamonds at the wine store, because it is only available at Fleming’s steakhouses. I am sure that not only me, but even the most sophisticated wine drinkers would be more than happy to have a few bottles in their wine collections. Maybe if we will ask nicely Fleming’s manager will let us buy one bottle to go!
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I was extremely inspired by all the hard work that Fleming’s does to stay on top of their industry. Each year not only the wine but the the label is also different. Thomas Arvid, the famous still life painter, puts his heart and soul to create the unique and remarkable label. Every Forty-Six Diamonds is a collaboration of hard work and love for wine, art and good food. There are many different reasons to recommend Fleming’s, but the highlight would be to find your own perfect steak and wine pair.

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