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Myriad Gastro Pub – Cozy Place in a Big City

Myriad Gastropub is one of those places where you instantly feel comfortable and relaxed. I don’t know if it’s because of welcoming staff, comfy food or cozy space, but when you walk in there, you know that the evening just got a great start.

Located on Mission, it manages to combine vibrant notes of big city life, and at the same time, the coziness of a countryside tavern. After all, it’s always about the right vibe, not the fancy location.

Myriad Gastro Pub review

The menu there combines the best gastropub could offer. Simple, delicious, beer-friendly food that cooked and served with love and care. Myriad is a place here you want to meet with your friends on Friday evening for drinks and dinner.

First, we suggest you start with Creamy Cauliflower Soup ($9). It’s very smooth and delicate but has a nice spicy accent from harissa oil and salsa verde. Market Salad ($12) with baby laminate kale and fresh persimmons is also an excellent choice to prepare your stomach for the main dish.


From large plates, you pretty much can’t go with anything, however our favorites are Roasted Lamb Sandwich ($15) with tomato jam and arugula salad, and Salmon ($26) on a lentil ragout.

Roasted Lamb Sandwich

Myriad Gastro Pub review

Address: 2491 Mission St, San Francisco

Atmosphere: Nice and cozy. Perfect for a casual evening with friends.

Price: $$ (Moderate)

Recommended Dishes: Creamy Cauliflower Soup, Roasted Lamb Sandwich, Salmon, Pappardelle.

Guys, please share your experience with us. We’re thrilled to hear about your food adventures!

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