How to Work with Brands and Build a Successful Blogging Business – SF first Picture Perfect Event

We Did It!

We could have never imagined such a success but September the 23rd has proven that everything is achievable – all you need is inspiration, creativity, and… a badass team! Our first Picture Perfect event was an amazing beginning for women-only gatherings that boost self-confidence and motivation to build lucrative collaborations with brands. And, most exciting of all, is that this fabulous experience is going to last!

How Many Women Does It Take to Throw an Event?

  • 2 to organize and host: Anastasiya Yurinok  – fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger, florist & Anna Voloshyna  –  food critic, food photographer, recipe developer.
  • 3 to help: our wonder girls Marina, Katia, and Valya worked hard to help us to set up and then to clean the venue.
  • 2 to document: talented photographer Alfiya and videographer Olga made sure that we all have plenty of photos and videos to share on our social media.
  • 25 to attend: SMM gurus, Instagram stars, and other aspiring influencers of the Bay Area.
  • 2 to speak: advocates of creative freedom, life changing decisions, and commitment to one’s own passion.

The Inspiring Insights

We didn’t intend to make Picture Perfect a lecture-style event but the avalanche of insights and ideas was so strong and positively overwhelming that it was worth taking notes not to miss or forget a thing! Elena Saxton, marketing head and one of the owners of Luminance Skincare, shared invaluable tips on how to successfully collaborate with brands and create promising partnerships. Her insider information was like a Big Bang to kick off terrific business endeavors.

Cynthia Samanian – founder of Confetti Kitchen and guru of easy, healthy, and fun cooking – spoke about her own experience of finding a true passion in life and taking real steps to reach out and seize the dream.


Appearances Are Not Deceptive

It was impossible to think of a better venue than the Women’s Building which history is infused with the power of enriching women’s lives and encouraging personal and business development. This spirit was skillfully accentuated with fantastic design and decorations by Anastasiya Yurinok.

Inflamed With a Taste

Food for thought was accompanied by treats for the taste buds:

  • Tartly provided its statement Fruit Shrubs that taste just as vibrant as they look: Lime Mint, Ginger Pear, Blueberry Lemon burst with flavors and natural energy. A perfect example of turning an ingenious idea into a successful business, Tartly was an ultimate contribution to Picture Perfect. Super clean and healthy shrubs were enjoyed throughout the event and included in gift bags for the guests.

  • The event’s atmosphere was deliciously refreshed by Hint drinks that have all the benefits of plain water but taste much better. Absolutely in tune with the event! Nothing artificial – a symbol of a sincere and natural lifestyle.

  • Wine – the irreplaceable palate-pleaser – was kindly provided by ONEHOPE. Dedicated to making the world a better place, the company supports numerous charity, ethical, and environmental programs which is why it was such an honor for us to have them among the sponsors. Lovely Rosé and festive Sparkling made an ideal pairing with Goat Cheese Crostini, Blue Cheese and Glazed Apricots on crackers, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Grilled Peaches & Proscuitto. The flavorsome treats were exclusively cooked by Anna Voloshyna, founder of Viva La Food.

Sharing and Giving

It wouldn’t be a truly delightful gathering without gift bags! To enhance the impression with new sensations Luminance Skincare provided testers of their stunning products that are organic, vegan, and raw. Handmade solutions for a healthy glowing skin and inspiring tips from Elena Saxton, the company’s co-owner, contributed to making the event utterly memorable.

Etta + Billie bodycare brand was another sponsor of Picture Perfect. A mixture of inspirations from food and sustainability ideas makes Etta + Billie’s products exclusively original.

We Just Can’t Get Enough!

The first new experience of hosting the Picture Perfect event has triggered quite an ambitious idea of creating a new type of community for female bloggers where every member will find support, understanding, and assistance. (For those who missed it here is the recap video).

If you long for an outstanding networking opportunity, first-hand tips for success, a heartfelt atmosphere, tasty treats and an abundance of creative ideas, do not miss the next Picture Perfect in December! More space, more speakers, more surprises. Stay updated!

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