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Okonomiyaki (Japanese Cabbage Pancake) Recipe

Okonomiyaki is one of those funky dishes that at first you don't even want to try, but once you had your first bite, you can't stop eating. It's almost too much going on in this dish. It might overwhelm you with a robust smoked smell of katsuobushi, an intensity that comes from pickled ginger and sweetness from okonomiyaki sauce. But somehow all those strong flavors can harmoniously coexist in a peaceful marriage in one bizarre but unpretentious dish, and although Okonomiyaki is a very casual ... Continue Reading

Crispy Baked Apple Oats

We have plenty of complex and luscious breakfast recipes on Viva La Food. With that in mind, we've decided to share something very simple and yummy today. Because we all want to eat delicious breakfast, but spend the minimum time and effort to prepare it. This Baked Apple Oats will be a perfect solution for your work week breakfast routine. It'll be ready in no time, while you're getting ready for work, and will provide you with energy and essential fiber for the whole day. You ... Continue Reading

Easy Berry French Toast

French Toast is one of our favorite breakfast recipes regardless of the season and day of the week. These thick, soft, slices of bread soaked in creamy egg mixture and fried to golden brown perfection are incredibly delicious. Probably, that's one of most indulgent and decadent dishes as well, but sometimes it feels so good to treat yourself with a special meal. Somehow we used to think of French toast as a special occasion breakfast. In fact, it's very easy to cook and requires a few ... Continue Reading

Souffle Pancakes with Caramelized Bananas

A person who said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day definitely knew what he was talking about. This meal can predetermine your whole day and change your mood for better. So choose your breakfast wisely! Personally, I'm crazy about all kinds of pancakes. I've already shared a few recipes with you: Breakfast Apple Pancake Pie and Goanese Banana Pancakes with Nutella. I love all of them, but these Souffle Pancakes are my absolutely favorite! Because they are much more ... Continue Reading


There are thousands of amazing dishes you can cook with eggs. Poached eggs, omelette, baked eggs, and many more, - I admire them all. But there is one particular dish that have a very special place in my heart - delicious hearty Shakshuka, - eggs poached in rich tomato sauce along with some veggies and spices. Sound delicious, isn’t it? And it’s good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Shakshuka is originally from North Africa and has hundreds of variations, depend on the country and ... Continue Reading

Goanese Banana Pancakes with Nutella

Very exotic pancakes recipe from Camille Le Fall. New breakfast must try recipe! Continue Reading