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Chocolate Cake with Soft Meringue and Pecans

One thing I need to say about this recipe is that this is the best cake I've ever made! It's extra chocolate, gluten-free and light as air. Although the cake came out pretty different from the original recipe, and I have no clue how could that happened, I just love it! I've baked this Chocolate Cake as a present for my friend's Birthday, and I can't describe how much she liked it. You don't even imagine how many compliments about my cake I had that night. They warmed my heart! Thank ... Continue Reading

Financiers with Pear Vodka

Financier - is a classic French dessert with a terrific nutty taste from the beurre noisette. And if you soak them in pear jam and pear vodka syrup, your dessert will become moist and incredibly tender. If you want, you can replace pear vodka with dark rum or other alcohol. Continue Reading