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Rum & Raisins Ice-Cream

You do not need an ice cream maker to make this delicious treat! Continue Reading

Almond Thumbprint Cookies

I wanted to post this recipe right before Christmas, but I had so many other nice dishes to share with you guys, I completely forgot about these amazing almond cookies. But my mistake is fixed, and here they are. Enjoy! I've baked dozens of those for my friends, packed them in cute small boxes and gave as little New Year presents. Everybody loved them so much! With this recipe, the holiday cookie season is officially over for me. And that means I have the whole year ahead of me to come up ... Continue Reading

Cranberry Sugar Pecan Balls

Christmas is coming, and that means we all need to taste new cookie recipes. This year I decided to bake a lot of different cookies, pack them in lovely boxes and give to my friends as a small holiday gifts. This recipe is just a first try, but I'm already crazy about these delicate sugar balls because they have all I like so much: cocoa powder, nuts, dried cranberries and pinch of love! That's why they are so delicious. You can replace pecans with any of your favorite nuts. Walnuts, ... Continue Reading