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Basic Tomato Sauce Recipe

Happy Monday everyone! I need to admit that sometimes Mondays could be pretty brutal, especially when you have to work knowing that your weekend is so far away. However, this Monday is not like that. It's actually happy. The secret is very simple - good food + good friend = wonderful day. Today I've had one of the most amazing pizzas I've ever tried. No kidding. If you're in Bay Area, go to Terún and try yourself. The chef is a wizard; he found a secret for a perfect pizza dough. It's so thin, ... Continue Reading

Cuban-Style Chicken Stew

This absolutely amazing recipe I've found in the March issue of Savuer Magazine. OMG, this chicken is so good! It has a perfect combination of different flavors which create a very bright and remarkable dish. I've made some changes in the ingredients, but you know, I do this with every recipe. After I've tasted my home cooked Cuban-style chicken, I've started dreaming about travel to Havana someday, and stay there at least for a week. I definitely know what I would do there, will drink ... Continue Reading

Chili Con Carne

This dish is not complicated, delicious and very budget. Thats why Chili Con Carne is so popular in many countries. Most often people cook it with beef, but if you like pork - go ahead. The main thing is to add the four basic ingredients: ground meat, red kidney beans, tomato sauce, chili pepper, the rest may vary. // Continue Reading