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Vatrushki – Eastern European Sweet Cheese Buns

Vatrushki is one of those sweet childhood treats that makes me very nostalgic. Mom often baked them for me when I was living with my parents. Probably that's why I decided to share this recipe right before Mother's Day. This recipe is a bit time consuming, but the result is totally worth the effort. Also, you can divide this recipe by two and make a smaller batch. What's Vatrushki? Vatrushki - plural, Vatrusha - single, pronounced vat-roosh-kah. It is a traditional Eastern European ... Continue Reading

Flourless Raspberry Cake with Homemade Cheese

This Flourless Raspberry Cake with Homemade Cheese is a tribute to my mother, who is my favorite cook in the whole world! I don't usually cook a lot of Ukrainian dishes, probably because they are too familiar to me, and because I'm in a constant search of something completely new and challenging. However, this cake is as Ukrainian as it can get, because it requires one particular ingredient - tvorog. Tvorog is a type of fresh farmers cheese, common in Eastern Europe; it's extremely ... Continue Reading