The SimplyRaw Kitchen Book Review

The SimplyRaw Kitchen is an all-vegan, gluten-free cookbook and lifestyle guide to be shared between generations. Chef and wellness consultant Natasha Kyssa wrote The SimplyRaw Kitchen to inspire others to include fresh, whole, nutrient-rich foods in their diets in a balanced and loving way, and to experience just how delicious healthy eating can be. Here is what Natasha wrote about healthy eating: “As my personal journey evolved, I came to understand first-hand that food is indeed powerful – what we eat can transform our bodies and emotions, our health, and our spirit. I am certain that I would not be here today had I not taken responsibility for my health and changes myself district ways”. Kyssa offers an innovative variety of simple, flavourful recipes that use basic, easy-to-source ingredients and take little time and effort to prepare. Natasha promotes a balanced, flexible diet based on fresh plant foods. Her regimen also considers those who cannot tolerate an all-raw diet by including specifically cooked foods.


She shared the six basic principles that form the basis of her whole foods approach to raw:

  • Eat a plant based diet.
  • Choose whole foods.
  • Eat a high percentage of raw food.
  • Eat organic foods.
  • Get locally grown food.
  • Go gluten free.

Despite the fact I’m not a vegan, even not a vegetarian, I enjoyed this book a lot and found it very useful and inspiring. The recipes are easy to cook, and the photos are qualitative. Honestly, I even decided to make my very first vanilla almond mylk from scratch. Considering that I’m not a fan of an animal milk, nut mylk could become a very good (plus 100 % homemade and healthy) substitute. The next step is to make a non-dairy cheese and butter. I’m super excited about this! I can say with full confidence that everyone can find something interesting in this book! Oh, almost forgot! Check the part with the desserts, they look decadent, but the trick is that they are very healthy. My personal favorite is Black Magic candies.

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