Top 5 Food Movies You’ve Never Heard Of

There are so many good movies dedicated to food: Julie & Julia, The Hundred-Foot Journey, Ratatouille, just to name a few. They are all wonderful, but most certainly you’ve seen them all, along with dozens other well-known pictures such as Chocolate, and Big Night. That’s why I’ve decided to create my own short list of food movies you’ve probably never heard of. I’ve done some research and have found 5 hidden gems of the movie world, now want to share them with you because I know you’ll enjoy them! These films will inspire you to cook, to eat, and to explore the thriving culinary world.

1. L’aile ou la cuisse (The Wing or the Thigh) (1976)


Old French comedy, with my beloved Louis de Funès, will make you laugh. A story about a man with a genuine passion for food. Charles Duchemin, a famous gourmet, and publisher of Duchemin guide fights to protect the classic French art of cooking from the evil fast food corporation. Louis de Funès is amazing in this role, as always. I adored this movie when I was a kid and still enjoy watching it as an adult.

2. Le Grand Restaurant (The Big Restaurant) (1966)


Another French classic with Louis de Funès. This movie makes fun of fancy French restaurant along with their customers. Monsieur Septime, a pompous manager, got into big troubles, his honored guest has been kidnaped right in the middle of a dinner. What could a man do to save his reputation? Find the missing person by himself, while fighting terrorists, and running from police. A lot of fun happens during this adventure. I promise you’ll get a good portion of fun.

3. Babette’s Feast (1987)


Ok, you might have heard of this movie, but it was one of the greatest discoveries for me recently. Some people call Babette’s Fest «the best food movie of all time», and I tend to agree with them. This film is a triumph of flavor! You should expect Black Caviar, Foie Gras-stuffed quails, and lots of black truffles. I was completely blown away by the fantastic feast this woman made for her friends, and it 100% confirms my motto: «Love people, cook them tasty food».

4. The Golden Scallop (2013)


Hands down, this is one of the most amusing mockumentaries I’ve ever watched. And need to admit my favorite movie in this list. It’s about the three best fish restaurants in the northeast, who compete for the honorable Golden Scallop award. The whole movie based on mocking the inner workings of the restaurant business, along with the industry itself, while letting characters share their personal stories. Some might find this movie a bit silly, but I think it’s brilliant!

5. Mouse Hunt (1997)


One more movie from my childhood. I would describe it as a symbiosis of Ratatouille and Home Alone. A story of two brothers who inherited an old house along with a naughty mouse. It’s an excellent family movie, full of adventures, humor, and, of course, food (particularly cheese). Watch it with your kids, and have a wonderful time.


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